Water Marbling on paper began in Japan in the 10th Century.  It was called Suminagashi, meaning “floating ink" and was traditionally done in black and gray tones.  Artists blew on the water to create different patterns.  In 15th Century Turkey, colors were used in a water marbling technique called Ebru  which means “cloud art.” Ebru used brighter pigments than the inks involved in Suminagashi. Ebru artists also used sticks or combs to drag the pigments in the water. This allows the artist to make a wide variety of patterns, including swirls and criss-crosses.  Today, we bring this art form to a whole new level and you're the artist!   Yes, You!  Anyone can do it!  When you paint on moving water,  it's easy to find your inner Picasso and create a fabulous 100% Silk Scarf to wear and enjoy for years to come.


WARNING:  It's magical, totally cool and so much fun- you're going to be hooked!  

Concentric Circles Pattern
Bouquet Pattern
Gelgit Pattern
Stone Pattern
Hearts, Flowers & Swirls

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