Got Questions?

We'll try to answer them here!


How long does it take to make a scarf?

Only 15-20 minutes once you pick your paint!  Longer if we're having fun and talking and laughing.  We'll set up the appropriate number of trays for your party.


What kind of paint is it?

Water based acrylic.  Washes off your hands easily.  We have aprons to keep it off your clothes!


What are your studio hours?

We schedule by appointment because we need to know how many water marbling trays will be needed for your group.  Watch our website and social media for special open studio times.


How many people can I bring?

Just yourself, a group of friends or 50+ - let us know and we'll work it out!  Larger groups can be set up in the event space under the twinkle lights outside our studio.


Do I have to be artistic or creative to do this? 

Absolutely not!  We'll show you how.  It's relaxing and fun to paint on the water.  No stress!  No worries!


Can I bring food and drinks?

Of course!  Just let us know and we'll have the studio or our event space set up for your party!  We've had everything from full catered buffets to appetizers and wine to popcorn and beer!  


How do I pick my colors?

Go for your favorites. 5 colors is average.  Pick less or pick more!  It's up to you! The #1 rule for color in a scarf is:  There are no rules!  Anything goes! No worries, No stress.


Is there an age limit to water marble?

We've had boys and girls, men and women, from 8 to 85 and every age in between make beautiful designs!   Anyone can do it!  The only limit is your imagination...

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